Stefano Sbrulli (1988) is a photographer, documentarist and designer based in Rome. He covered stories in Italy, Iraq, Mozambique, the Balkans area (Serbia, Hungary and Bosnia), Peru with the long-term project on the mining of Cerro de Pasco. He constantly collaborates with the NGO Source International for which he is currently responsible for visual content. He also collaborated with UNHCR and UNDP. His images have been published in the magazine L’Espresso and Internazionale and his documentaries screened in the national and international festival.

In 2018 he is one of the finalists of the NOOR-Nikon Masterclass in Turin, Italy In 2020 he is finalist on ZEISS Photography Award

Clients / Publications

UNDP / UNHCR / LaRepubblica / Internazionale / L’Espresso / BBC


2020 / Shortlist / ZEISS Photography Award 2020

Screenings / Exhibitions

2019 / BIG – Bari Gender Film Festival