The solitude (of paradise)

Italy, 2013 The principle of correspondence and analogy “As above, so below; as below, so above […]” From the Seven Cosmic Laws by Hermes Trimegistus Solitude immerses you into the absolute intimacy with your spirit, it makes you one thing with it. There is no room for clarity and everything becomes purely subjective. In order […]

Collaborazione con MACRO

Collaborazione con MACRO Patrizia Vicinelli Nello spazio espositivo la sua voce diviene un’interferenza costante mentre il suo linguaggio viene presentato nelle diverse sfaccettature che lo compongono: dal suo proporsi grafico fino a una ricerca gestuale e performativa che conferisce un’importanza fondamentale al corpo. Sempre trasgressivo e destrutturato, il suo scrivere poliglotta composto da anomali caratteri […]

Ombre Rosse Film Production

10 sec, 2019, Italy Logo animation for Ombre Rosse Film Production. Really short, really god! Assistant animator Andrea Rocca Production by Ombre Rosse Film Production

From Nigeria to Italy – animation

Italy, 2017 (3 min) A video to understand the phenomenon of human trafficking for sexual exploitation and take action. Starting from the stories of Nigerian girls, the purpose is to make known the events that bring these girls on the road. Production by On the road Onlus, with the support of Embassy of United States of […]

Earth – videoclip

A short animation of environmental theme. Deforestation, pollution and CO2 emissions are the main cause of the deterioration of our planet.