The solitude (of paradise)

Italy, 2013 The principle of correspondence and analogy “As above, so below; as below, so above […]” From the Seven Cosmic Laws by Hermes Trimegistus Solitude immerses you into the absolute intimacy with your spirit, it makes you one thing with it. There is no room for clarity and everything becomes purely subjective. In order […]


Iraq, 2017 Peshmerga è il primo lavoro autoprodotto da B STUDIO, un progetto di Stefano Sbrulli, visual designer, regista e fotografo; Francesco Sanesi, illustratore, graphic designer e art director, e Margherita Macrì, redattore editoriale e prof di italiano. Stefano parte per il Kurdistan iracheno con lo scopo di raccontare l’addestramento dei Peshmerga a Erbil. Quando […]

Ponte Morandi – Genova

Italy, 2019 Certosa is the district of Genoa that is disappearing due to the fall of the Morandi Bridge. It was a passageway. But since that terrible August 14 when the Morandi Bridge collapsed, it has been isolated and deserted: shops close, small businesses fire. “From one day to the next we were all out […]


Italy, 2020 The past few months have been difficult for all of us, and so are those we are going through and those to come. Yet it is important to remember that there are more fragile sections of the population, for which more care is needed. These include people with visual disabilities, which the WHO has placed […]

Mirko, a love story

Italy, 2017/18 Mirko and Giada meet in chat and write for a long time. When the time comes to meet, Mirko’s FTM transition has just begun. And Giada discovers it in that moment. Now they live together in the province of Rome and love each other very much. Fluidity belongs to everyone. Dedicated to Emiliano

Black as wind

Mozambique, 2019 Two open-pit coal mines have been operating next to inhabitated areas in Moatize, Mozambique, since 2011. The operations of such mines, as well as mine blasting and heavy traffic, have been releasing dust particles into the air which fall over the nearby communities. While the dust did never represent a problem before the […]

Donde los niños no sueñan

Peru, 2017-2019 Peru is one of the countries with the highest of territory gave in concession to extractive industries. More than 15% is in concession to mining companies foreigner. For geological reasons the majority of those concessions are in the Andean area, over 3000 m a.s.l. Cerro de Pasco has more than 70,000 inhabitants and […]